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Tombstone Tuesday/Thriller Thursday Maggie E. Pyatt

 Maggie E. daughter of  John M. and Sarah A. Pyatt

Born Mar 21, 1890 – Died June 27, 1907

Pickett Cemetery

Summersville, Missouri



Maggie was my Grand Aunt on my father’s side.  She was only 17 years old when she died, the ninth child out of thirteen siblings.

But the question is – How did she die?

“As I remember when I was about 10-12 years old my mother told me about her. It seems when she was about 17 or so she left home to go to Detroit or maybe it was Chicago with some one or for a job ( I’m not sure which) and wasn’t heard from for some time. My Grandfather later received a message from the local railway station that he had a package to be picked up. It turned out to be a casket with her in it. They never seemed to get an answer on what had happened. I don’t think they were able to trace who sent her home or how she died… “  – email received from Earl E. Pyatt (my father) 6/11/2006

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Sunday Family Snapshot – Wilson Family

This is a family portrait (circa 1891, taken in Geneva, Nebraska) of my 2nd-great grandfather, George Franklin Pierce Wilson and his family.  Back row (left to right) Dollie Elizabeth Wilson, age 12, Charles Issac Wilson, 16, Clara Etta Wilson (my great-grandmother), 15.  Seated in front (left to right) George Franklin Pierce Wilson, 38, Clarence Cornelius Wilson, 11, Nancy Minerva Lightbody Wilson, 38.

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Treasure Chest Thursday – Gift from Grandpa

One of my most cherished possessions is a child-sized ring and bracelet that my grandfather gave me when I was merely a baby, over 56 years ago.  They are both so tiny and precious.  Made from silver with small little turquoise stones embedded. We were his first granddaughters and he wanted to mark the occasion appropriately.  I am sure that I was only able to wear them for a short time as I was growing up.  My mother had kept these mementos until she finally gave both my sister and I our individual set of jewelry.

This picture is the first time my grandfather saw my sister and I.  It was also when he gave us our rings and bracelets.  Now before you start leaving comments…yes, I am a twin.  I believe in this picture I am the one looking up at my grandfather.  (At least that’s what my mother told me!)  My sister is 2 minutes older than I am.  When asked “What’s it like to be a twin?”; my response is always the same, “What’s it like NOT to be?”

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Wedding Wednesday – Curtis Jackson/Ann Beales

Curtis Issac Jackson (1751-1829) is my 5th great grandfather on my mother’s side.

Transcribed from the New Garden M.M. Minutes 1754-1800, Friends Historical Collection, Hege Library, Gilford College, Greensboro, NC

At our Monthly meeting held at New Garden the 30th of the 9th mo 1775.  The representatives being call’d appear’d.

Curtis Jackson and Ruth Beales appeared at the meeting and declared their intention of taking each other in marriage.  Uriah Carson and Thomas Jessop is appointed to enquire into the young Man’s life, and conversation, clear’d of marriage engagements with others, and what else may be needful, and make report to the next Meeting.

At our Monthly Meeting at New Garden the 25th of the 11th month 1775. The respresentatives being call’d they appear’d.

One of the friends appointed to attend the marriage of Curtis Jackson with Ruth Beals, reports it was orderly accomplish’d and brought the Marriage Certificate:  the other sent the same account.

Whereas Curtis Jackson Son of Samuel Jackson of Surry County North Carolina and Ruth Beales Daughter of Bowater Beales of the same place, having declared their intentions of marriage with each other before several Monthly Meetings of the people called Quakers held at New Garden in Guilford County according to the good order used among them and nothing appearing  were left to their Liberty to accomplish their marriage according to good order the which they did at a meeting of Said People at Toms Creek in Surry County and before many witnesses 12 of those names are here inserted to wit.

Phoebe Sumner                  StangemanStanley

Hannah Hiatt                       Michal Huff

Miriam Carr                         Caleb Sumner

Kezia Mills                           Joseph Hiatt

Mary Cook                         Thomas Cook

Elizabeth Mills                     Thomas Jessup

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Thankful Thursday – SOPA/PIPA blackout

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all those in my blogging and genealogical circles for taking the time to participate in this very worthy cause. We all know how disastrous both SOPA and PIPA would be to our freedom of speech and freedom from censorship.  Piracy is wrong and needs to be addressed, but these two bills are not the way to accomplish that objective.

I am also thankful for sites like Wikipedia, Google and even Geneabloggers for their contribution to making even the smallest of us feel like our voices were heard.  In this new political age of real-time protests, it feels good to know that even my small little blog and internet presence can make a difference!

Yesterday was an extremely successful day.  But from what I have seen…the battle still goes on.  Time to remain ever vigilant and ready to protect our rights.

Visit the Stop American Censorship website to get and stay involved.