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The Book of Me, Written by You – Prompt 2 – Your birth

Continuing series from the Facebook group called The Book of Me, Written by You about an interesting writing project created by Julie at Anglers Rest which will suggest a writing prompt every week for 15 months.

Our second prompt is:

“Your birth –
Do you have any baby photos?
Where were you born?
Who was present at your birth?
What day was it? Time?
Did you have hair? Eye colour
Are you a twin?”
I am the one on the right!


I was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico at 6 a.m on October 16, 1954 . My sister is 2 minutes older than I am…therefore I am “Baby B”! When we were born we had two older brothers. They were 4 and 2 years old. My mother knew something was different about this pregnancy…she was huge…but in those days, at her age, there were no ultrasounds and the doctor did not want to use X-ray. The story goes that the doctor could only hear one heartbeat…so he pulled my father aside and told him that one of two things would happen…either it was twins and one was dead or that this was a large deformed baby. What horrible news to hear! Luckily my Dad did not share this evaluation with my mom. As it turned out we apparently were lying on top of each other in the womb and that is why no second heartbeat. My Dad said the evening my mom’s water broke she was standing over a floor heat register. When she called his name he looked up at her and steam was rising up and surrounding her. We were small at birth and spent the first week or so in the hospital. I know my mom was glad to finally get us home. I still have the hospital baby bracelets. Two pink beaded bracelets with Pyatt A and Pyatt B beaded into them.