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Amanuensis Monday – G-Ma Ruth’s diary

Back in 1943 my G-ma Ruth kept a diary of her daily activities.  During the week of Monday, July 12, 1943 through Monday, July 19, 1943 my grandmother was hospitalized for surgery on a goiter.  Today this would probably be an out-patient procedure.   Here are her entries for those days:

Can’t enjoy the show without a program!  Harley is my grandmother’s husband; Jerry is my grandmother’s step-daughter; Carl is Harley’s brother; Leonard is Jerry’s husband.

July 12 – Monday

Boy did I ever have a lot to do getting ready.  Lots of shopping and boy the hospital will look good to me as I am already worn completely out.  We are ready to leave in the a.m.

July 13 – Tuesday

Well had some more blood tests, also heart, lungs etc. Dr told me my windpipe was shoved clear over to one side of my neck.  Entered hospital about 5 pm.  Jerry drove me out as Harley took bus back to work.  After my supper I was so tired I went to bed and to sleep.  Slept for about 2 hrs. Then nurse came and worked me over some and gave me some capsules to make me sleep more.

July 14 – Wednesday

Well a big day for me.  Clamped gas mask on me at 7:05 – two deep breaths and I went out thru the mask. Was on table until 9:30. Harley & Jerry came in but I wasn’t awake, woke up at 1 pm. They and Carl came back at 6:30 pm. Boy oh boy was I hot and hard to breathe.  However after getting rid of the ether (which they  had to give me after the gas) I felt pretty well.  Not much pain. Gave me pure oxygen every hour until 6 am, Thurs. Fed me thru the arm. Sure a long night. Awake every hour.

July 15 – Thursday

Moved me in ward but I took a nervous spell and had to take me back by myself. Too many flowers to breathe. Had to give me a shot in arm to quiet me. Had another spell at night and another shot. Wrote to mother. Don’t remember what I wrote now. Received a bunch of cards from the “gang”. Received two yesterday. I guess they were there before I came out of the ether. Jerry brought me a beautiful bouquet.

July 16 – Friday

Sat up in bed some today. Wrote some letters. Harley comes to see me every a.m. Boy did my throat ever get sore all nite. Teeth ached too. Finally by a.m. nurse brought some aspergum and some hot water for my throat. Boy for a good hot cup of coffee.

July 17 – Saturday

Well as this is a 7 day advent hospital it is the Sabbath today.  Put me in a wheelchair and pulled myself around some.  Jerry, Leonard and youngsters came to see me. Sure was good to get out of that bed. Sure hot. Have heard some beautiful music and chimes with Hawaiian guitar.

July 18 – Sunday

Well up and walking around today. Harley didn’t work and came up in p.m. Mable from Flag Loft visited me.  Dr said I could go to St. Helena tomorrow a.m. when Harley came up.  Oh boy, sure have swell nurses but never like a hospital.

July 19 – Monday

Harley brought me home and cooked me a big steak.  I was drooling at the mouth before it was done and did I eat – First meal since I left from hospital as no one could live on the meals they serve. No meat, no coffee.  I drank coffee too. Harley woke me up at 1:30 when he came home to tell me he got a new rating – 2nd class fitter. Sure was tickled.


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Wedding Wednesday – Mace/Jackson

Bowater Jackson & Jinny Mace marriage bond – 1810

Bowater Jackson was born on April 1, 1783 in Surry, North Carolina as the fourth child of Curtis Isaac Jackson and Ruth Beales. Bowater was raised as Quaker. When he was 27, he married Jinny Mace, 21, on April 10, 1810 in Stokes, North Carolina. On June 4, 1810 Bowater was disowned by the Quaker Church for marrying out of the unity.

Bowater Jackson and Jinny Mace remained in North Carolina until after their 3 child was born. They moved to Dallas Co, Alabama where they had 8 more children.


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Tombstone Tuesday – Howard Bryant Taff

Used with permission. Donna Elliot, Photographer. Howard B. Taff headstone. Philadelphia, PA. JPEG

Howard Bryant Taff was my husband’s maternal grandfather and was born on December 19, 1894 in Somerville, Massachusetts as the second child of Patrick Henry Taffe and Anna Jane Smith. He had six siblings, namely: Edward Gregory, Henry Godfrey, Martha, Helen Elizabeth, Margaret Ruth, and Gertrude Rose. When he was 23, he enlisted in the United States Navy on May 29, 1917.  He serviced as a Pharmacist’s Mate in WWI in France. When he was 25, he married Katherine Lydon, daughter of Michael Lydon and Margaret McGrath, in 1920 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He died on June 15, 1943 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Howard Bryant Taff and Katherine Lydon had only one child that lived to adulthood, Katharine Taff.