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DNA Results…Any surprises?!?!


Finally bit the bullet and had my DNA analysis done through  Two things I found interesting…one, that there is no Native American blood, as was often mentioned on my father’s side.  And two, I wasn’t expecting that much Irish in me!  But with a married name of O’Neill – I guess that’s a good thing.  Have over 600 possible matches from others in the database, ranging from 4th cousins and closer. Closest being 2nd cousin.  I have already connected with a 2nd cousin 1 x removed from my Grandpa Pyatt’s brother’s family!  Will take some time to sort through them.  My hopes with submitting my DNA is to see if I can break thru a brick wall with my 2nd great-grandfather, Needham Stephens, on my mother’s side.  Will keep you up to date on any findings!

Stay tuned for a post on my husband’s results!



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Tombstone Tuesday – Mary Elizabeth McCoy Jackson


Newkirk Cemetery, Newkirk, Kay County, Oklahoma

Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” McCoy Jackson was my maternal 2nd great grandmother.

Mary Elizabeth McCoy was born on 05 Dec 1863 in Indiana, as the first child of William Henry McCoy and Matilda Carter. She had one sibling, Alma. She died on 13 Jul 1907 in Winfield, Cowley, Kansas. When she was 17, she married Walter Perry Jackson, son of George Washington Jackson and Nancy Ann Carson, in Apr 1882 in Ottawa, Franklin, Kansas.

Walter Perry Jackson and Mary Elizabeth McCoy had the following children:

  1. Olive Jackson was born on 18 Jan 1884 in Lane Franklin, KS. She died on 14 Dec 1966 in Missouri. She married John Frederick Harkins on 22 Oct 1904 in Newkirk, OK.
  2. Besse J. Jackson was born on 09 Apr 1885 in Kay, Oklahoma. She died on 28 Dec 1966 in Las Vegas, San Miguel, New Mexico. She married Ralph Stewart on 19 Dec 1906 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  3. Arville Jackson was born on 05 Jun 1886. He died in Oct 1975 in Oklahoma. He married Anna Kahoe in 1916 in Severy, Greenwood, Kansas.
  4. Noland Clair Jackson was born on 26 Aug 1905. He died on 05 Jul 1985 in Wichita, Kansas, USA. He married Audra Denton on 13 Mar 1929 in Kansas.


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Wedding Wednesday – Mace/Jackson

Bowater Jackson & Jinny Mace marriage bond – 1810

Bowater Jackson was born on April 1, 1783 in Surry, North Carolina as the fourth child of Curtis Isaac Jackson and Ruth Beales. Bowater was raised as Quaker. When he was 27, he married Jinny Mace, 21, on April 10, 1810 in Stokes, North Carolina. On June 4, 1810 Bowater was disowned by the Quaker Church for marrying out of the unity.

Bowater Jackson and Jinny Mace remained in North Carolina until after their 3 child was born. They moved to Dallas Co, Alabama where they had 8 more children.


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Wedding Wednesday – Jackson/Stewart

Ralph Stewart
Besse J. Jackson

Ralph Stewart & Besse J. Jackson, married December 19, 1906 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In 1906 a young man [Ralph Stewart], heeding the Railroads’ encouragement to populate the West and Government’s promise of homesteads, loaded all of his possessions – wagon, buggy, household goods, teams, cow feed, water and farm implements – into an “immigrant” railroad car in which he rode as caretaker for the stock, and left Oklahoma for his destination, Estancia, then in New Mexico Territory.

In December his Uncle, accompanied by his fiancée [Besse J. Jackson] from Newkirk, arrived by train in Santa Fe where the young couple were married.  After living a year northeast of Estancia they moved northwest of Mountainair and filed on a homestead near some old friends from Newkirk, Oklahoma.”

portion of transcript written by my maternal grandmother, Letha Rae Stewart Stephens on her memories of her parents.

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Wedding Wednesday – Curtis Jackson/Ann Beales

Curtis Issac Jackson (1751-1829) is my 5th great grandfather on my mother’s side.

Transcribed from the New Garden M.M. Minutes 1754-1800, Friends Historical Collection, Hege Library, Gilford College, Greensboro, NC

At our Monthly meeting held at New Garden the 30th of the 9th mo 1775.  The representatives being call’d appear’d.

Curtis Jackson and Ruth Beales appeared at the meeting and declared their intention of taking each other in marriage.  Uriah Carson and Thomas Jessop is appointed to enquire into the young Man’s life, and conversation, clear’d of marriage engagements with others, and what else may be needful, and make report to the next Meeting.

At our Monthly Meeting at New Garden the 25th of the 11th month 1775. The respresentatives being call’d they appear’d.

One of the friends appointed to attend the marriage of Curtis Jackson with Ruth Beals, reports it was orderly accomplish’d and brought the Marriage Certificate:  the other sent the same account.

Whereas Curtis Jackson Son of Samuel Jackson of Surry County North Carolina and Ruth Beales Daughter of Bowater Beales of the same place, having declared their intentions of marriage with each other before several Monthly Meetings of the people called Quakers held at New Garden in Guilford County according to the good order used among them and nothing appearing  were left to their Liberty to accomplish their marriage according to good order the which they did at a meeting of Said People at Toms Creek in Surry County and before many witnesses 12 of those names are here inserted to wit.

Phoebe Sumner                  StangemanStanley

Hannah Hiatt                       Michal Huff

Miriam Carr                         Caleb Sumner

Kezia Mills                           Joseph Hiatt

Mary Cook                         Thomas Cook

Elizabeth Mills                     Thomas Jessup