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Wordless Wednesday–Photo Album Page 16

Photographs from Album created by Ruth Fuller Pyatt Dourte
(my paternal grandmother)
circa 1924
G-Pa Pyatt – Charles Alfred Pyatt (1896-1985)
Dad – Earl Eugene Pyatt (1922-2010)

No idea who the Riggs family is in these pictures.  Maybe neighbor children or related somehow….

Page 16 - a
“Some icicle”
G-pa Pyatt & Dad
Page 16 - b
“Roy Riggs & pups”
Page 16 - c
“Harold, Ralph & Helen Riggs”
Page 16 - d
“Me & my car”
Page 16 - e
“Chickens – David (age 2)”

Page 16 - f

Page 16 - g
“Baby doll”


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Wordless Wednesday–Photo Album Page 15

(Some of you who frequent my blog may notice that I have skipped a couple of pages from this album.  Just so you know, the pictures on those pages were of a very nondescript landscape and were extremely faded.)


Photographs from Album created by Ruth Fuller Pyatt Dourte
(my paternal grandmother)
circa 1924

Page 15 - a

Page 15 - b

Page 15 - c

I do not know who this gentleman is…
but I have seen him in other pictures later in the album. 
Hmmm…another mystery!


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Military Monday–WWII–Earl E. Pyatt declared POW


I have previously blogged about my Dad being a Prisoner of War in first the Philippines and later Japan, during WWII.  That post included pictures of my Dad’s return and excerpts from my grandmother’s diary entries from when she finally found out he was a POW.

 (See that post here.)

My grandmother also kept a large scrapbook from World War II.  In it she has clipped articles that pertain to my Dad’s unit, the 200th Coastal Artillery.  There are also articles about other young men missing, held prisoner or died during the war.  Some she clipped because she recognized my Dad’s friends, some she thought he might know from the war.  I like to think that this scrapbook kept her connected to my Dad in some way.  Keep her occupied as she waited to hear news from him or about him.  In looking through this scrapbook I came across this telegram and letters she received verifying his status as a Prisoner of War.



Telegram received by my Grandmother.  This was her first indication that my Dad was alive in the Philippines.

War Dept Letter - POW

Letter received from War Department confirming telegram.


Letter from Congressman from New Mexico regarding my Dad’s POW status.


I am truly thankful that my grandmother kept this scrapbook.  It has given me a special insight into what it must have been like for her during those extremely trying times.

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Happy One Year Blogiversary for Scoop’s Scoop


Here it is…one year since I went “public” with my blog. There were some periods of time when I didn’t post at all…some periods of time when I posted every day. The main thing is that I never completely stopped posting…so here I still am one year later. Feels really good!

For those of you who have visited my blog…thank you! Over the last year, I have met and become acquainted with so many others who share my interest in genealogy. I have also had many wonderful comments that have thrilled me to no end!  My first year blogging has been glorious!

Here’s too many more posts to come!  Cheers!