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Wordless Wednesday–Photo Album Page 16

Photographs from Album created by Ruth Fuller Pyatt Dourte
(my paternal grandmother)
circa 1924
G-Pa Pyatt – Charles Alfred Pyatt (1896-1985)
Dad – Earl Eugene Pyatt (1922-2010)

No idea who the Riggs family is in these pictures.  Maybe neighbor children or related somehow….

Page 16 - a
“Some icicle”
G-pa Pyatt & Dad
Page 16 - b
“Roy Riggs & pups”
Page 16 - c
“Harold, Ralph & Helen Riggs”
Page 16 - d
“Me & my car”
Page 16 - e
“Chickens – David (age 2)”

Page 16 - f

Page 16 - g
“Baby doll”


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