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Daughters of the American Revolution

My father, Earl E. Pyatt, has always told us that his family was rumored to be descendants from Dr. Samuel Fuller of the Mayflower. One of my quests with my genealogy has been to determine if this is indeed a fact. In researching over the years, I had discovered a connection back to a Patriot during the Revolutionary War along the Fuller line who also connects back to Dr. Samuel Fuller of the Mayflower. Lieutenant Isaac Fuller, III. I decided that my first quest was to prove back to this Patriot and then I would be able to prove back to the Mayflower.

This is the service information found for my ancestor, ISAAC FULLER, Third, Easton, Massachusetts 1738 – 1803

Corporal, Capt. Macey Williams’ Company of minute-men which marched at the Lexington alarm; Lieutenant, Sixteenth Continental Infantry Jan.-Dec., 1776; member of Committee of Correspondence and Safety, 1779.

Having gathered as much information as I could, on my own, I approached the local DAR Society here in Carefree/Cave Creek Arizona. They turn out to be an amazing service organization that does quite a lot to support our vets and troops. They were extremely helpful in assisting me in completing my application and helping me obtain some of the more obscure documents that were required to prove this connection. The registrar even made a trip to Salt Lake City to help fill in some of the gaps. My application was then signed by local leaders of the DAR and sent off to Washington, D.C. where they have hired genealogists that review and verify all the facts on the application. Once my application passed their scrutiny it was sent on to the National Society for approval.

I am pleased to announce that my application was approved and I was accepted into the NSDAR on March 5, 2020! I am honored to be a part of this group and look forward to making a contribution by volunteering with them.

DAR Certificate of Membership

Now onto the Mayflower Society! There is already proof down to Isaac from Dr. Samuel Fuller, so this connection should be easier to make.


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  1. Kathi, In a very weird coincidence I joined the DAR on the same day and with the same ancestor! So we must somehow be related. I was doing some research for the DAR and came across this post.

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