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Treasure Chest Thursday – Gift from Grandpa

One of my most cherished possessions is a child-sized ring and bracelet that my grandfather gave me when I was merely a baby, over 56 years ago.  They are both so tiny and precious.  Made from silver with small little turquoise stones embedded. We were his first granddaughters and he wanted to mark the occasion appropriately.  I am sure that I was only able to wear them for a short time as I was growing up.  My mother had kept these mementos until she finally gave both my sister and I our individual set of jewelry.

This picture is the first time my grandfather saw my sister and I.  It was also when he gave us our rings and bracelets.  Now before you start leaving comments…yes, I am a twin.  I believe in this picture I am the one looking up at my grandfather.  (At least that’s what my mother told me!)  My sister is 2 minutes older than I am.  When asked “What’s it like to be a twin?”; my response is always the same, “What’s it like NOT to be?”

4 thoughts on “Treasure Chest Thursday – Gift from Grandpa

  1. What a sweet story! The picture and the jewelry from your grandfather are indeed treasures. With the Christmas tree in the background of the picture, it makes your story even more special since it was you and your sister’s first Christmas.

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