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Thankful Thursday – SOPA/PIPA blackout

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all those in my blogging and genealogical circles for taking the time to participate in this very worthy cause. We all know how disastrous both SOPA and PIPA would be to our freedom of speech and freedom from censorship.  Piracy is wrong and needs to be addressed, but these two bills are not the way to accomplish that objective.

I am also thankful for sites like Wikipedia, Google and even Geneabloggers for their contribution to making even the smallest of us feel like our voices were heard.  In this new political age of real-time protests, it feels good to know that even my small little blog and internet presence can make a difference!

Yesterday was an extremely successful day.  But from what I have seen…the battle still goes on.  Time to remain ever vigilant and ready to protect our rights.

Visit the Stop American Censorship website to get and stay involved.

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