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Tombstone Tuesday/Thriller Thursday Maggie E. Pyatt

 Maggie E. daughter of  John M. and Sarah A. Pyatt

Born Mar 21, 1890 – Died June 27, 1907

Pickett Cemetery

Summersville, Missouri



Maggie was my Grand Aunt on my father’s side.  She was only 17 years old when she died, the ninth child out of thirteen siblings.

But the question is – How did she die?

“As I remember when I was about 10-12 years old my mother told me about her. It seems when she was about 17 or so she left home to go to Detroit or maybe it was Chicago with some one or for a job ( I’m not sure which) and wasn’t heard from for some time. My Grandfather later received a message from the local railway station that he had a package to be picked up. It turned out to be a casket with her in it. They never seemed to get an answer on what had happened. I don’t think they were able to trace who sent her home or how she died… “  – email received from Earl E. Pyatt (my father) 6/11/2006


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