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Wedding Wednesday – Stephens/Pyatt

This is the wedding announcement for my parents that appeared in the Albuquerque Journal on June 5, 1947.

The announcement indicates that this pose was created “all in fun, of course”.  Little did my parents realize then…but this turned out to be the only posed picture of the two of them together!  I have included below a better copy of the above picture…

3 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday – Stephens/Pyatt

  1. The photo and write-up really do make me wonder what they were like. Did they intend to be different? I am trying the imagine the conversation or discussion while one or both of them was choosing the photo for the newspaper.

    1. As I recall, throughout their lifetimes these two always bucked tradition. Used to drive me crazy as a kid. Why couldn’t I have “normal” parents! Now I wish I was more like them. Unfortunately, they are both gone now. I would have loved to ask them your question about the discussion on choosing this pictures.

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