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G-ma Ruth’s Diary – August 16, 1943

DiarySee this post for more information about my Grandmother’s diary.

August 16, 1943 – Tuesday

“Big day.  Rec’d letter from Gladys Haskins including a card for me from Earl.  His signature was on it and is his writing.  Boy am I walking in the clouds.  First message from him since November 1941.  Took it to work.  Everyone wanted to see it.  Sure has been handled a lot.  No date as to when sent.  He is supposed to be well, uninjured and in good health.  Sure pray it is true.  Message was “Don’t worry.  Love to all.  Best regards to family”  Boy oh Boy am I happy.

I am so thankful that my grandmother kept every one of the cards she received from my Dad. My Dad told me that when he was allowed to send a card he would be sure to include something (like the name of a mutual friend or place…etc) so that she would know for sure it was from him.


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