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G-ma Ruth’s Diary – June 6, 1943

DiarySee this post for more information about my Grandmother’s diary.

June 6, 1943 – Sunday

” Work for me today.  Earl & Nolan’s birthday.  Arose at 9:15 a.m.  Bought all the boys/bonds for birthday.  Sent Nolan a box of candy, chewing gum & cigarettes.  Quite a surprise when I looked at Mondays card last nite as I got my first class rating.  7.08 a day.  More income tax to pay.  Rather cold & cloudy today.  No word yet of Earl.  Pretty worried as lots of boys in prison camp are dying with Malaria Fever.  Look for Carl back today from L.A.

My father turned 21 that day.  



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