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G-ma Ruth’s Diary – May 6, 1943

DiarySee this post for more information about my Grandmother’s diary.

May 6, 1943 – Thursday

“Up 10 a.m.  Pretty day.  Trying to worry a meal from “points”.  Lunches a problem. 

Later, Jerry & Leonard came over brought us both a slice of cake, some green onions & radishes.  Had hamburger & fixed potatoes. 

Bushnell went out early this a.m. but say it came back before I started to work at 4 p.m.  Sure looked pretty coming back.  Headed opposite way now.

Under the WWII food rationing system, everyone was issued their own ration books. Rationed foods were categorized as either needing red or blue points. Individuals wishing to purchase foods under the red points scheme, which included meat, fish and dairy, were issued with 64 points to use per month. For blue points goods, including canned and bottled foods, people were given 48 points per person for each month. 


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