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Observations of G-ma Ruth’s diary

No entries for the next few days in G-ma Ruth’s diary, but I have noticed a few things in putting these posts together. I had always heard that during that time my grandparents lived in St. Helena, California. They even had a P.O. Box #43 there. But I have noticed that the telegrams that were delivered in April 1943 are addressed to 1731 Alabama Street, Vallejo, Ca. This is the house at that location. It was built in 1928 so I have to assume it was somewhat similar in 1943. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths.

In the diary my grandmother calls it an apartment so perhaps the addition on the house contained a small apartment or the area where the garage is now could have been a small apartment. Will have to see if I can find any other information on this address. This house is very close to the Mare Island Naval Station, so I can see why they would be living here. St. Helena is about 30+ miles away. From her diary she talks of visiting St. Helena often and usually staying over at her brother-in-law’s (Carl) place.

She has written already in her diary her desire to live in St. Helena…even looking at some places there. Will have to see as the diary continues whether they move or not!


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