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G-ma Ruth’s Diary – April 9, 1943


See this post for more information about my Grandmother’s diary.

April 9, 1943 – Friday

“One year ago today Bataan fell to the Japs.  Still no word of Earl.  Gladys Haskins sent a paper (Santa Fe) telling of Clark Lee being there.  He told a lot about our boys. Can only hope & pray I will hear soon that Earl is safe.  Felt pretty low.  Warmer today. Some wind!

Clark Lee wrote the book “They Call This Pacific”.  A copy of which my grandmother had and my father gave to me.  This is the article my grandmother was referring to in her entry.  She created a scrapbook of newspaper articles about what was happening in the Philippines. I am thankful that my father gave me this scrapbook before he passed away.

clark lee articleMon, March 29, 1943 – Page 1 – The Santa Fe New Mexican


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