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Advent Calendar Memories–Christmas Sweetheart Memories

Do you have a special memory of a first Christmas present from a sweetheart? How did you spend your first Christmas together? Any Christmas engagements or weddings among your ancestors?

Thirty-three years ago my family changed the date of Christmas.  My future husband was going back East to visit his folks and my mother and younger sister were not coming into town until after the holidays.  My twin sister and I lived  in San Francisco at the time.  She and I made most of the decorations for my little tree that year.  It was my first Christmas in my new apartment.  Since everyone couldn’t be there on the 25th we decided to have Christmas on January 7th.  So no gifts were opened and we all waited and got together that day.  We had a great late Christmas…lots of food, drink and presents.

Later that evening, my soon to be husband, proposed to me.  I kept saying “Are you serious?” several times.  When I finally realized that he was serious…I accepted!  We continued the celebration on into the night!  What a wonderful Christmas present!  Thirty-three years later we are still together!





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