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Zella Stephens Pyatt

It was 3 years ago today that my mom died.  I think about and miss her each and every day.  She was quite an amazing person.  She bucked all the trends as we were growing up.  She initially started college with the intent on being a Doctor.  Then, as so often happens, she met my Dad.  After having five children, and when I was just starting the 1st grade, she started working.  What a shock went through the neighborhood!  A working mom – rarely heard of in those days.  She continued working and started classes at University of Colorado, Boulder.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Technology.  She worked at a local hospital.  She was even named Medical Technologist of the year! We moved around a lot when I was young…part of my Dad’s job.  My mom would get things organized, houses sold, new houses found and purchased, moving done, kids enrolled at school, etc.  She continued working and again went back to school, Sarah Lawrence College, and received her Master’s Degree in Human Genetics.  She became a Genetic Counselor for people with high-risk pregnancies.  She worked until she retired many years ago.  She spent her last few years enjoying life, her dogs, working out to stay in shape, and any time she could get with her family.  She was an inspiration.  We talked every day on the phone…mainly about trivial things.  I sure miss those calls. Find myself picking up the phone to call her all the time…missing her a lot – especially today.

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.”

I created this video and it was played at her funeral, January 10, 2009.

One thought on “Zella Stephens Pyatt

  1. Dear Kathi – This is such a beautiful tribute. It is so hard to lose your Mom. My mother died hmm – well – I think it’s about sixteen years ago now. I think of her often and wish she were here to have a chat to about all those little things. She was a great listener – very empathetic. I love your blog. WordPress has such a nice feel to it. From a fellow “jumper” – all the best with blogging.

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